Learn how Franz is rising to the occasion of making our products and processes more sustainable.

Our sustainability efforts aim to reduce our use of plastics, recycle in our bakeries and reuse materials whenever possible!


In efforts to impact our environment in a more positive way, we have made the commitment to reduce our use of plastic by 10% by the year 2023.

How we will achieve this goal
Reduction of mil (bag thickness)
Reduction in length/width of bags to improve efficiency of fit


Through our partnership with Kwik Lok®, we are proud to announce that we will be moving all of our Kwik Lok® bread enclosures to the new Eco-Lok™ which is made with sustainable materials. Eco-Lok™ is formulated with a plant-based biopolymer called NuPlastiQ® that requires up to 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce than standard plastic bag closures.

“We were proud to partner with Kwik Lok® during beta testing and are very excited to be one of the first companies to adopt the new Eco-Lok™. We are pleased to work with another northwest company toward efforts for a more sustainable future.”
-Ken Waltos, VP Purchasing Franz Bakery


Efforts are made to recycle all metal, wood pallets, waste oils, plastic, and cardboard used in the Bakeries.

Bakeries sell any product waste* as feed to local farms.

*Bread that may not reach visual specs for retail sales

Excess grease from interceptor tanks are pumped and used as soil nutrients for agriculture.

Sewer pH control for water waste.

Oxidizers used to monitor air emissions.

Our Springfield Bakery  estimates that based on weight the Bakery is recycling or diverting 95% of its solid waste that would otherwise go to landfills!


Updating interior bakery lighting to more efficient LED when possible.

Continued enhancements in programming delays of equipment in the bakeries to ensure equipment is not powered when not in use.

Monitor compressed air systems to repair leaks.